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The Sew & Eat Historical Retreat 2019: More Food

I have a confession to make. I used up all my parent’s high speed internet 🙁 It took me less than two weeks! They have another two to go before next month’s allotment starts. I’m not even a very big internet user. It’s not that we watched movies or TV shows. I just uploaded photos… But they really aren’t big internet users, so didn’t have much of an allotment, and one enthusiastic daughter showing them new websites and fun things ran through it all… So, my next few posts are brought to you by “what images do I already have uploaded to my blog?” And what I do have is SEHR2019 food photos… So please enjoy the food! Friday Night: Medieval Cabbage & Barley Pottage A simple, hearty meal to fortify us after a long drive and unpacking and preparation. Saturday: An Edwardian Afternoon Tea (in Regency costume! We’re ok with mixing things up!) The cake is a Victorian rice flour cake from Great British Bakes. Perfect with strawberries, and gluten free! Cucumber salad: And …