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Rate the Dress: Springtime evening dress of 1915

Not everyone liked last week’s mid-Victorian paisley wool wrapper on an aesthetic level.  But the emotional reaction to it was nothing but complementary; it made you dream of curling up in front of the fire with hot chocolate and a good book.  Evoking that response speaks more than any rating could!  (But the actual rating was 8 out of 10). Since last week’s dress was an autumn dress for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere who are looking towards winter, I thought this week I should go with something spring-y for the Northern hemisphere.  I also wanted to do a 19teens dress to coincide with Anzac day. What do you think?  Does this dress just epitomize spring?  It is exactly the sort of thing that boys would have dreamt of their girls wearing to dances as they struggled in the muddy trenches of France and the beaches of Gallipoli?  Is it the perfect escapism, or too frilly and frivilous to connect with reality? Rate the Dress on the Scale of 1 to 10?