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Rate the Dress: Chanel does trousers

Julia of the Perfect Victorian Figure says that I do too many frilly uber-historical dresses for ‘Rate the Dress’, and challenged me to post a 1930s Chanel trouser suit for your perusal. There aren’t actually that many 1930s Chanel trouser suits out there, so hopefully this one will meet with your approval as a suitable interesting ‘Rate the Dress’, although it might not meet with your approval as a suitable elegant and sartorially fabulous ensemble. Between the 1930s photograph and the detail of the extent blouse and jacket, what do you think of the ensemble? ¬†Imagine Diana Vreeland in it, with a black ribbon around her neck, and a red rose tucked into it, as V&A’s blurb describes. Fabulous? ¬†Or Frumpy? Rate the Dress on a scale of 1 to 10