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Felicity and the bumblebee

Felicity finally managed to catch a bumblebee last Friday, with predictable chaos and unhappiness on all sides. Felicity was freaked out and in pain, I was freaked out, and after finally managing to catch my freaked out cat, in a little cat induced pain of my own, and I doubt the bumblebee loved the ordeal. After a quarter of an hour of Felicity running in and out of the house and bouncing around like a brickle ball, and me trying to get ahold of her so I could remove the bumblebee, she managed to knock it off herself. There was another quarter of an hour of puffing and hissing while she calmed down, and then all was back to normal. I do hope she retains a little wisdom from this experience and gives up on her effort to catch bumblebees in the future!