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Louis XIV’s favourite colour was flame, an orangish-red which worked well with his self designated title of ‘The Sun King’.  Louis wore it frequently. The French court was all about gaining the kings favour, and a good way to become his favourite was to wear his favourite colour, thus it’s frequently seen in garments and trimmings in 17th and early 18th century portraits. Women wore it in ribbons and feathers: Or wrapped around their body in wraps: Men wore it as bows around their neck: Or as sashes tied around their torsos: Whole interiors were done in it, and family groups wore it as jackets and robes: If you didn’t like flame, but still wanted to kiss up to the king, inflicting it on your children in large quantities was always an option. They could wear it as historical fantasy dress: Or pseudo-classical short clothes: Or stiff, old fashioned dresses with flame rosettes: Even Louis’ neglected wife and his kids wore the colour: Yep.  Mid 17th century France was aflame.