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1850s raspberry swirl ball dress

Tutorial: Cord gathering

Here is a little sewing tutorial to make your costuming easier.  Cord gathering is a method for gathering huge amounts of fabric without pleating it.  It is also fantastically easy, especially compared to modern ‘pulled thread’ gathering, so is wonderful for any project where you want to gather a huge amount of fabric. I’ve seen a similar technique used on one 1900s petticoat, but have no other evidence to suggest this is a historically correct technique for any other timeperiod – I simply use it as an awesome timesaving hack for non-historically accurate costuming. I used it for the ruffles at the bottom of my hoopskirt petticoat, and for the tiers of ruffles on the 1850s raspberry paisley dress.   Note: for this tutorial height goes up and down in relation to the body, and width goes around the body, so all descriptions are given in height x width You will need:  a piece of narrow cord 6″ longer than you want the finished gathered width to be.  You can using piping cord, or the …