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Styles for girls of all ages, 1911

This is another title that just tickles me pink.  I do wonder if The Girl’s Own Paper was using it in the modern sense (as in ‘the child in all of us’ etc.) or that they meant ‘girls from 8-18’ or (worst of all) ‘anyone unmarried’.  Whatever the case, I’d certainly wear some of these styles! First some blouses for older girls: The blouse patterns are all (according to the magazine) based on the same basic shirt pattern, and can be made in any fabric, though hand-embroidery is most effective on linen. Then some littler girl’s clothes: And finally, a well fitted coat for someone of indeterminate girlishness:  

Sensible frocks for daily wear, 1911

The title of this section of the Girl’s Own Paper charms me so much. Why don’t fashion magazines today show you sensible garments for daily wear?!?  I wonder if women who looked at these actually thought they were sensible?  Or did they look almost as ridiculous as fashion photoshoots ideas of sensible work wear look today? Is this next one a chesterfield?  Could be! I do love that they show clothes for the new career girl: