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Otari Hoodie Sew Along

The Otari Hoodie Sew Along #1: Choosing fabric

As a sewing teacher I feel that choosing the right fabric can make or break a project, so it makes sense to start the Otari Hoodie Sew-Along at the very beginning: choosing fabric.   The goal with any project is to think about what characteristics you want the finished garment to have (drape, warmth, structure, weight), and then choose fabrics that when combined, will have all those characteristics.  A garment that depends on drape needs an outer and lining that are equally drapey.  A structured garment needs stiffer fabric, or the addition of interfacing or flat lining to a softer, less structured fabric.  Etc. Etc. With the Otari Hoodie, you want enough stretch in all your fabrics that the hoodie moves with you.  The main body can have a bit less stretch, but it’s important that the cuff and hem band have lots.  The cuff, pocket binding, and hem band also need good recovery, so that the shape of the hoodie stays crisp over many wears. You also want to make sure that the combination …