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Here there be Pirates,

Arrrrr Matey! A Pirate Picnic

Last October Redthreaded hosted ‘Fall for Costume’ on Instagram, with daily themes. ¬†One of them was ‘Pirates’, and I realised that I’d never dressed up as a pirate! That was clearly an omission that must be rectified, so I threw a pirate picnic. After all, what the point of being a costumer if you can’t let yourself go and be totally dorky every once in a while? So I invited a bunch of friends willing to be dorky with me, and we all raided our wardrobes for striped shirts and big puffy white blouses, and boots and hats, and cutlasses and blunderbusses, and weighed anchor for the treasure coast. The location I picked is conveniently quite deserted, so that we could be blissfully undisturbed in our dorkiness. ¬†Because while I don’t mine being dorky, I like to do it as inconspicuously as possible! Even more conveniently, it was relatively sheltered from the strong, blustery Northerly wind sweeping across Wellington that day. The wind did a lovely job of fluttering our feathers and sweeping our sashes …