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Rate the dress: plaid in 1840

Last week’s St Patrick’s themed dress elicited some strong reactions.  Some love, some loathing, and a lot of “Well, the skirt is great, but that bodice…ewww” and “I love the bodice…but the skirt is just OTT.”  The dress needed to be cut in half!  The divided opinions cut the rating to 7.4 out of 10 – not quite a pot of gold, but at least the shine didn’t completely disappear like leprechaun gold. This week I’m leaving behind naturalism and historicism, and looking at geometry, and cutting edge design. Well, cutting edge for 1840: The skirt pleating, the bias cutting of the bodice, the elaborate pleated bertha, the wrapped sleeves, the buttons: every element of the dress shows off the distinctively unusual eggplant, mallard blue and mustard plaid. What do you think?  Does the unusual almost-plaid work?  Does the drape of the dress work?  Or is it all just a bit too weird and strange and experiemental? Rate the Dress on a Scale of 1 to 10