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Rate the Dress: 1750s Robe a l’Anglaise

Last week you looked at a very unsimple puffed and frilled lavender and mauve creation from the 1820s.  Some of you loved it and gave it a perfect 10, but most of you thought it was a bit fussy and unflattering, so it rated a 6 out of 10. This week, dear readers, I direct your fashion critique towards the 18th century, and specifically to a simple ca. 1750 robe a l’Anglaise. Unusually for the period, this fabric is not pastel, but instead a rich brick red brocade silk, sprinkled with apricot and pink roses.  Unfortunately, the petticoat that was worn with the dress is no longer extent, so you will have to rate it on the merits of what is left. What do you think?  Is the unusual colour a success or an unfortunate aberration? Rate the Dress on a scale of 1 to 10