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Queen Charlotte by Zoffany, 1765

Queen Charlotte in detail by Zoffany

Don’t you love it when you find a large version of a wonderful historical artwork that you’ve only ever seen in very small versions? Like this fantastic Zoffany portrait of Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz: It’s full of the most glorious details. There are her sons, with George IV in Roman inspired armour: Prinny looks a wee bit petulant, possibly because the dog clearly loves mummy more than him!   (and honestly, who wouldn’t be jealous over that dog’s look of adoration?  I’m not even a dog person and I want to hug it!) The whole outfit is fantastic, but oh, his boots!  Aren’t they just the most adorable things ever? If he isn’t mad about the dog, perhaps Prinny is glaring at his little brother, wishing he were wearing Prince Frederick’s Orientalist attire.  It is rather fabulous isn’t it?  And the turban is doing a cunning job of doubling as a pudding cap – the padded caps worn by small children in the 18th century to keep them from injury when they toppled over. It’s …