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How to apply lace as an edge finish for the Scroop Henrietta Maria dress

Tutorial: How to apply lace as an edge finish for the Henrietta Maria Dress/Top

One of the finishes I suggest for the Scroop Henrietta Maria dress and top is a lace edge finish. ┬áIt’s a really fun and easy technique, and yields a gorgeous finish. Since it’s not a technique everyone is familiar with, I thought I’d do a tutorial. The concept is very simple: basically, you sew lace along the raw edge of a fabric, to cover the raw edge and keep it from unravelling. You can use it on seam allowances, and on hems so you only have to turn them once. On the Henrietta Maria, I like to use it on the neck and sleeve edges. For this tutorial all you need is a narrow (approx 2cm/3/4″), soft lace to finish your edges, and whatever you want to apply them to. I’ll be using a Henrietta Maria dress to demonstrate. Start by applying your interfacing pieces to the wrong side of your sleeve and body pieces: Set your sewing machine to a small length, medium width/height zig-zag. I have mine set to 1.8 & 3, respectively. …