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The Augusta Stays vs The Cassandra Stays

The Augusta Stays & The Cassandra Stays – what’s the difference?

We’ve had so many questions about the difference between the Scroop + Virgils Fine Goods Augusta Stays and the Scroop + Virgil’s Fine Goods Cassandra Stays that I’m bumping the planned blog post about that up the queue and answering it before I even share the (absolutely amazing!) tester makes. Although the Augusta and Cassandra Stays are both 18th century stays, they are quite different patterns. ┬áHere’s how, and which you should choose depending on what you want as a costumer! (pssst, don’t forget that the Cassandra Stays are 15% off until Thur 22 Feb, midnight NZDT) Silhouette & Date – the difference between the two styles The Augusta Stays are based on extant stays & stay patterns dating to between 1775 and 1789, such as this pair: (learn more about the extant stays that inspired the Augusta pattern here) Stays of this style are fairly short-waisted, with partial front lacing which makes the bust fit adjustable. ┬áThe goal of these stays was to create a short, curvaceous silhouette, with a ‘prow front’ that thrust …