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vegetarian shepherd's pie recipe, vegan shepherd's pie recipe

Recipe: Vegetarian (and easily Vegan) Kate Sheppard’s Pie

Lots of you (and absolutely everyone who attended the dinner) asked for the vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipe I used to make Kate Sheppard’s Pie for A Feminist Thanksgiving. Here it is! To be honest, the first time I tried this I was a bit surprised it worked.  First, I looked at a bunch of vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipes, and then didn’t follow any of them and just winged it with what I had in the fridge.  Second, my track record making anything casserole-y, or traditionally British comfort-food based is pretty poor.  I just didn’t grow up eating or making those kind of foods!  So I expected a repeat of my fish pie/cheesy potatoes/macaroni & cheese experiments (basically inedible).   Instead, I got amazing!  And it’s not a fluke.  Every time I make it its delicious. This recipe makes a rich, filling, pie.  Most vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipes use celery, but I use parsnips instead.  Their warm, sweet, earthy flavour adds an unexpected element to the pie, and keep it from getting watery and bland, as …