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Winter Coat Weekend & my first coat

Next weekend is my Winter Coat Weekend class at Made on Marion – where we’ll get all the tricky bits of a coat done in one weekend (and, depending on your pattern, all of it, done). This is very much how I made my first coat: two days of mad, happy sewing, learning about bound buttonholes and welt-flap pockets and tailoring wool with the guidance of an expert seamstress. I’m still really proud of that coat: it was a beautiful thing, black wool, silver lining, fabulous silver & black buttons, bound buttonholes, welt-flap pockets, topstitched collar.  It was a testament to my time and growing knowledge, and to the people who taught me.  It fit well, was super warm and comfortable, and went everywhere and did everything to me. I wore it in San Francisco winters and NYC spring snowfalls, to rugby games in Wellington, and everywhere in between.  Alas, when I moved to NZ it was too heavy to pack, and I gave it away.  For all I know it may be still out …

Why reproducing a garment is pretty much the most awesome thing ever

One of the first things I learned when I learned to sew was how to make a pattern from a garment I already owned and reproduce that garment. It’s still one of my very favourite skills, and something I use all the time. There are so many reasons why being able to pattern-up and reproduce a garment you already own is awesome. First, you know it will fit perfectly.  You may spend a little extra time making a pattern rather than using a commercial pattern, but you’ll gain that time back in not having to worry about fit. Next, you know the item will suit you.  For all that I know my body, what I wear, and what looks good on me, I’m still occasionally seduced by a pretty pattern cover, and invest time and money in making something that isn’t going to get a lot of wear.  When I reproduce a garment, that never happens. Not only will a reproduced item suit you, but you know it’s going to work in your wardrobe.  I …

Anyone for tap pants?

I’m in the last stages of preparing for next Sunday’s tap pants class at Made Marion. My life is all about checking patterns and sizing, redrafting, and making sure I have the best possible technique figured out. And I’m excited! There are a few spaces left in the class, so if you know anyone in Wellington who might be interested – spread the word! To inspire you, here is Madge Bellamy in her wedding lingerie in White Zombie: Awww!  Aren’t those tap pants adorable! And here are some of the ones I’ve made: So whether you want to call them French knickers, cami-knickers, tap pants, or lingerie shorts, come and make them next Sunday!