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Finished projects: the Lonely Heart wedding dress

I’ve finished the late ’40s wedding dress for Lonely Heart, and the show is on, and the dress is on the actress, and I’m done! The dress however, I’m sorry to tell you, is just a trifle frumpy onstage.  It’s partly because the bodice is so long – it really shortens and widens the body. I’d like to try the dress on a different body type: I think that would help a lot. I also really, really want to try the dress in better fabric.  Extremely polyester tablecloth damask was a brilliant choice for the demands of stage, but it isn’t a flattering fabric, it’s a PAIN to gather, and it was very tricky to work with along the waist shaping and sweetheart neckline.  Being a seamstress is a lot easier when you work with really high quality fabric!  😉 Oh, and Lonely Heart was fantastic – really brilliant music, great costumes by Mrs C, excellent reviews, even Mr D was entertained and impressed.  Hopefully it will have a bigger staging soon!