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Toi Whakaari Costume Showcase 2021

Costume Showcase 2021: Livestreaming 2nd Oct 6:30 NZDT!!!

It’s back!  For the second year in a row, Toi Whakaari’s Costume Showcase will be livestreamed! Join us virtually on the 2 October, 6:30 PM NZDT (that’s 7:30pm Friday the 1st in Hawai’i, 10:30pm Friday the 1st in California, 1:30am Sat the 2nd on the East Coast, 6:30am Sat the 2nd in London, and 1:30pm Sat the 2nd in Singapore). What is Costume Showcase? Costume Showcase is the culmination of the years work for the Costume Construction students I teach at Toi Whakaari The New Zealand Drama School. At the start of the year the 2nd year students chose a costume design to bring to life.  It could be something from a piece of art, a costume design done for a film or show, a fashion plate, or something from a video game or anime, etc.  They just can’t be something they designed themselves (it’s a Diploma in Costume Construction, not Costume Design), and it has to be a design, not a made costume or garment. Over the course of the year they research and …

Costume Showcase at Toi Whakaari

Watch Toi Whakaari’s Costume Showcase live tonight!

I teach Costume Construction at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School. In their first year of study students in the department learn, among other things: core sewing techniques; workshop practice; patternmaking; hatmaking; dyeing, printing and finishing techniques; costume history, and the costume design process. By the end of Term 3 (out of 4) they will have made: a boned historical undergarment; a multi-part historical dress using theatrical techniques; a wired buckram hat; various accessories that utilise dyeing and printing techniques; and a pattern and completed garment which they have developed from a sloper. In their second year of study students build on these skills, learning: advanced millinery; advanced corsetry; tailoring; costume for dance (often making costumes for the Royal NZ Ballet); and EVA & Worbla skills. In addition they do industry secondments and learn how to manage wardrobes for stage and screen productions. At the same time these graduating students are asked to choose a costume design (it can be an actual costume design, a painting, concept art, etc.) to bring to life as faithfully …