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Kiwi-isms: Throwing a wobbly

I thought it would be fun to translate, and illustrate, some of my favourite kiwi-isms Throw a wobbly (also, Chuck a wobbly) 1. To have a meltdown, temper tantrum, hissy fit, etc. P.S. Don’t you love Toulmouche’s painting?  How he caught the delustred satin of the grey dress, the duchesse satin of the brides frock, the rust-coloured velvet (it’s an 1860s version of Maria Josepha’s dress!), and the apricot taffeta. My favourite is the littlest bridesmaid, who seems to be saying “whatever, have your wobbly, I’m just going to play dress up with your wreath”.  I suspect she is the bride’s little sister!