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Emily's Wedding Dress,

Emily’s Wedding Dress

In celebration of her first wedding anniversary, here is Emily’s wedding dress! I’ll only do wedding dresses for very, very special people anymore, and Emily definitely qualifies. Not only is she a dear friend, but she’s the genius who keeps my blog and running.  Emily herself blogs at, though her blog is on hiatus. As with all the wedding dresses I’ve made, the end result was a collaboration between the bride’s ideas and my sewing experience. Our inspiration for the dress was late 1950s & early 1960s cocktail and evening dresses by designers like Balenciaga and Jacques Heim.  Emily liked the overall silhouettes, and the lush fabrics used. Key design points we wanted to incorporate were a fitted bodice with scooped necklines, little cap sleeves, a natural waist, and full bell skirts with lots of swish, and flatter fronts.  Plus amazing embroidered fabric.  We settled on a slight dropped hem, to take full advantage of the fantastic fabric. I draped the pattern myself, using my princess-seamed dress block as a starting point.  For …