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Cat Nap

Oh dear.  I’ve been dreadfully busy, and a dreadfully lax blogger, and have missed a few posts.

And I’m still busy!  Busy having an AWESOME time in Melbourne of course!

But I am going to try to be a good little blogger anyway, with the last of my posts on early ’50s fashion in Japan tomorrow, and Rate the Dress on Tuesday (because I never miss Rate the Dress!).  And on Wed I’ll tell you a little about Melbourne.  And when I get back to NZ it will be sewing galore, because I’ve been doing so much.  And some exciting new projects.  Good fun!

For now, here are a few images of Felicity being her cutest as she naps in her favourite sunny spot on the corner of the couch.


  1. Fur photos are always a nice addition for readers and an easy post for bloggers. I use them regularly myself!

  2. She looks so sweet and innocent! I imagine your Felicity may be…but my Sophie, also looking sweet and innocent napping in the sun at the moment, has developped a terrible habit of stealing straight pins out of my in-progress corset and leaving them all over the house! What would we do without kitties?

  3. Lynne says

    !Awwww! Don’t worry – we all knew you had an excellent excuse. :-)

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