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A circular cardigan with a geek twist

In my last post I showed off my 1950s inspired circular cardigan, which manages to look far more glam than a cardigan ought to.

When I was finishing the cardigan I discovered that it isn’t just limited to looking glam.  It’s also great for…

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

…pretending to be a Jedi knight!

While I’m only showing you the cardigan now, I actually finished it back in December, just when A New Hope was in the theatres.  I tried on the mostly-finished cardigan for a friend, and she ‘ooohed’ over the flipped down collar and the swishy hem, and then I flipped up the collar to show it could also be a hood, and she practically fell over laughing, saying I looked like I should be in Star Wars.

Obviously, with a comment like that, I had to do a Star Wars photoshoot.  I put out a call for a lightsaber, and the amazing Nina came through with not only a lightsaber, but also a half-scale Stormtrooper and a Darth Vader for me to have an epic battle with.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

I seriously have the most awesome friends possible.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

I’m wearing my cardigan with brown leggings (made specifically for the photoshoot, but also very comfy for cuddling on the couch with Felicity & Mr D), and a piece of kimono silk wrapped around me to make a quick skirt, because I decided at the 11th hour that even as a Jedi I wasn’t comfortable pretending that leggings are actually pants.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

It looks pretty cool though doesn’t it?  Not bad for a piece of fabric wrapped and knotted – no safety pins even!

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

It held up well for a bit of jumping up and down logs and slo-mo lightsaber arcs.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

What you can’t see in these photos is my hair.  In the best tradition of Star Wars bun-theory (one bun for Episodes 1-3, two buns for the originals, three buns for A New Hope) I’m wearing four buns. I’m the future!

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

Since we had a 1/2 scale stormtrooper, and since I studied art history, and was wearing a cardigan with a nice drapey hood, and the light was streaming so beautifully through the trees, it was inevitable that I’d end up doing La Pieta:

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

It’s very hard to mourn over a stormtrooper when your photographer insists on falling over laughing every time she takes a photo, especially when you’re trying very hard not to do the same!

A circular cardigan with geek twist,



  1. Hilarious! And may I thank you for striking a blow against the misbegotten belief that leggings pass for trousers? That kimono skirt-wrap looks really good!

  2. That skirt totally works, and looks rather like Rey’s wrap outfit she has in SW7.

  3. Theresa says

    Star Wars Bun Theory!


    Y’learn something new every day…

  4. Gillian says

    Oh I just love this photo series! Too funny, but you look fabulous and authentically Star Wars-ish. And that last picture of you laughing is so lovely 🙂

  5. Belinda says

    YES! THIS! <3 Everyone needs something in their wardrobe that can be repurposed for fighting the Empire.

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