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A circular cardigan with a geek twist

In my last post I showed off my 1950s inspired circular cardigan, which manages to look far more glam than a cardigan ought to.

When I was finishing the cardigan I discovered that it isn’t just limited to looking glam.  It’s also great for…

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

…pretending to be a Jedi knight!

While I’m only showing you the cardigan now, I actually finished it back in December, just when  A New Hope was in the theatres.  I tried on the mostly-finished cardigan for a friend, and she ‘ooohed’ over the flipped down collar and the swishy hem, and then I flipped up the collar to show it could also be a hood, and she practically fell  over laughing, saying I looked like I should be in Star Wars.

Obviously, with a comment like that, I had to do a Star Wars photoshoot.  I put out a call for a lightsaber, and the amazing Nina came through with not only a lightsaber, but also a half-scale Stormtrooper and a Darth Vader for me to have an epic battle  with.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

I seriously have the most awesome friends possible.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

I’m wearing my cardigan with brown leggings (made specifically for the photoshoot, but also very comfy for cuddling on the couch with Felicity & Mr D), and a piece of kimono silk wrapped around me to make a quick skirt, because I decided at the 11th hour that even as a Jedi I wasn’t comfortable pretending that leggings are actually pants.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

It looks pretty cool though doesn’t it?  Not bad for a piece of fabric wrapped and knotted – no safety pins even!

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

It held up well for a bit of jumping up and down logs and slo-mo lightsaber arcs.

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

What you can’t see in these photos is my hair.  In the best tradition of Star Wars bun-theory (one bun for Episodes 1-3, two buns for the originals, three buns for A New Hope) I’m wearing four buns. I’m the future!

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

Since we had a 1/2 scale stormtrooper, and since I studied art history, and was wearing  a cardigan with a nice drapey hood, and the light was streaming so beautifully through the trees, it was inevitable that I’d end up doing La Pieta:

A circular cardigan with geek twist,

It’s very hard to mourn over a stormtrooper when your photographer insists on falling over laughing every time she takes a photo,  especially when you’re trying very hard not to do the same!

A circular cardigan with geek twist,



  1. Hilarious! And may I thank you for striking a blow against the misbegotten belief that leggings pass for trousers? That kimono skirt-wrap looks really good!

  2. Jane says

    Brilliant. And four buns – the future for sure!

  3. That skirt totally works, and looks rather like Rey’s wrap outfit she has in SW7.

  4. Kathryn says

    Oh my god, La Pieta with Stormtrooper. I AM DYING.

  5. Theresa says

    Star Wars Bun Theory!


    Y’learn something new every day…

  6. Gillian says

    Oh I just love this photo series! Too funny, but you look fabulous and authentically Star Wars-ish. And that last picture of you laughing is so lovely 🙂

  7. Belinda says

    YES! THIS! <3 Everyone needs something in their wardrobe that can be repurposed for fighting the Empire.

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