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Gather Ye Rosebuds CoCo 2017 Gala Gown

Gather ye Rosebuds… a 1916 crinoline evening dress

And here it is!  My 1916 crinoline revival evening dress: Officially, it’s been dubbed the ‘Gather ye Rosebuds’ dress – I felt I needed to make it before I was too old to get away with this look, it’s trimmed with roses, and there was lots of gathering (my gosh was there so much gathering.  I gathered, and gathered, and gathered some more….). Unofficially….it’s the Jellyfish. I assembled all the pieces, put them together, put the dress on, looked at myself, and said “Oh dear, I’ve made a jellyfish!” I have mixed feelings about the Jellyfish. I really enjoyed wearing it.  It was very bouncy, and I bounced a lot (lots of people took videos of me bouncing and spinning in it, but so far I’ve only seen one and I can’t figure out how to download it!). And I knew it was far from perfect so I didn’t feel the need to be precious about it. But…I know it’s far (so far…) from perfect.  It started out really thought-out and precise and beautifully finished, …

Costume College Gala 2017

Costume College 2017 – the Great Gala Photo-a-thon

This years Gala at Costume College was amazing.  Last year was spectacular, but I swear that the caliber of costumes this year was even better.  (and the food was definitely better, and they didn’t make you announce yourself on the red carpet, which I approved of!) I took so many photos, because there were so many gorgeous things to take photos of.  I’m just going to share the more spontaneous, ‘what it was like to be there’ ones with you, rather than the really posed costumes shots, because most costumers will hopefully be posting about their costumes in detail on their own sites. Admiring dress details while waiting in line for the Red Carpet. Taylor of Dames a la Mode and Merja of Before the Automobile have “Oooh, your dress” moments while Jenny La Fleur looks on. Cleverest solution ever to the eternal ‘How to carry all your stuff while looking historical?’ question. I love the way the blue in Teresa’s be-you-ti-ful 1660s jacket brings out the blue in Merja’s hand-painted gown.  There was a …

Costume College 2017 Friday

Costume College 2017 – Friday photos

It’s that time of year again!  The time when you get to see all the AMAZING things that were created for Costume College. I didn’t get as many, or as good a selection of photos, as I did last year, because I’d packed my schedule far too full with teaching (3x 2 hour classes was too much…), and had sewing to finish, which left me stressed and over-busy.  I’ve realised in looking over my photos that the really bad side-effect of stress is that I didn’t talk to as many new people as I would have liked, and didn’t get everyone’s information and links to their blogs etc. So this post doesn’t have the name of everyone I photographed.  I’m so sorry about that, and if you do know who anyone featured is, please let me know so I can credit and link to them. The other side effect is that the majority of my photos are from the evening events, when I had time to hang out with a camera and squee over the …