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Midwinter Medieval Feast

A Midwinter Medieval Dinner

We’re incredibly privileged to have had no community transmission of Covid19 here in New Zealand, so we can safely hold social events. ⁠ While we were in lockdown my friend Priscilla asked if we could have a dinner party at her house to celebrate once it was safe to get together again. We all have, or have been working on, 14th century dresses, so we chose a midwinter Medieval feast.⁠ Nina applied her amazing food skills to developing a menu. We all cooked, decorated, and lent a hand. Thanks to everyone’s work and collaboration, we had the most fabulous evening: complete with an entire haunch of wild venison, a gingerbread castle, sugared apples, and Medieval disco dancing. Sending out lots of love to the rest of the world, and hopes for a time when we can all gather in safety and joy ❤️⁠ Hmmm…what’s under her dress? Jenni had the privilege/misfortune of sitting across from me, and having great lighting: The Menu Pear & Parsnip Soup in Bread Trenchers I made the bread bowls. 5 …

Spring Styles for 1915,

Spring Styles for 1915 from the Standard Mail Order Co.

I’m out of posting inspiration for the time (or, more accurately, I’ve got lots of inspiration, but I’m out of the mindset that allows me to sit down and pursue an involved research idea), so I’m turning to the catalogue stash for blogging material again. Up today: two pages from the Standard Mail Order Co ‘Spring Styles for 1915’ catalogue. The Standard Mail Order Co was an American mail order company that operated in the 1900s-1910s. They sold men’s, women’s and children’s clothes, hats and shoes, as well as a range of toiletries, trimmings for hats and clothes, and a few other small personal items. As far as I can tell, it had no relationship the Standard Pattern Company, which put out the Designer Magazine at the same time. Based on other mail order catalogues in my collection, Standard was low-midrange. Their pricing is slightly higher than Sears (the ultimate budget mail order catalogue), but significantly lower than Bella Hesse & Co, the creme de la creme of mail order fashion magazines. The priciest frock …

Historical costumes at Fernside

Frolics at Fernside

Last weekend Fernside, an early 20th century home and gardens an hour away from Wellington in Featherston, held an open day in the gardens as a fundraiser for the local theatre. I’ve always wanted to see the gardens: they are a lovely example of a restored early 20th century garden. You can generally only see them as part of a (long, expensive) Lord of the Rings themed tour, as the gardens were transformed into Lothlorien for the the films. I’m not that keen on LotR (well, mostly I’m not that keen on long expensive tours where you’d just get trotted through the gardens to the most important filming scenes and then back out again, and can’t wander around), so I was really excited to have a chance to explore the grounds at leisure. And obviously, to dress up! We got together a group, and settled on early 20th c clothing, to match the grounds and house (and also, because it was the easiest to get dressed in a cafe bathroom in. We weren’t going to …