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A dress made from a 1919 pattern,

A 1918-1919 Day Dress: or ‘The Dreamstress Makes Yet Another Blue Dress’

Colour-wise, I may be most famous for my love of yellow, but if you actually look at my sewing, blue is by far the most common colour in my historical and modern sewing wardrobe (unless you count historical undergarments, in which case white is winning!). One of my historical wardrobe sewing goals is to make more things that are not in blue, white, & black. I’ve got the most stunning persimmon orange silk taffeta calling my name, and a deep purple, and a vivid golden yellow PHd, and I’d really, really like to find an excuse to make something green, because it’s a colour I adore, and yet somehow I never end up sewing with it! So far I am totally failing at diversifying my colour palette, because my first make of 2019 is…darkest blue, so dark it reads black in photos. (faceplosh) In my semi-defence, this dress was intended as a wearable toile, because I really wasn’t sure the pattern would work, and I was specifically looking for a fabric in my stash that …

The 1910 Little Miss Muffet at the Village Fete Dress

Magic in them thar hills: an Edwardian photoshoot at Otari Wilton’s Bush

Remember my yellow 1920s dress, and how I said it was magic? Now I think maybe the magic is in Otari Wilton’s Bush instead. I’ve never done a photoshoot at Otari Wilton’s that hasn’t looked beautiful: there is something about the trees and the angle of the light that is just perfection. Case in point: Theresa was in town last weekend, and, as we do, we had a dress-up photoshoot. I picked Otari Wilton’s Bush as our location, because Theresa had never been there. Theresa wore the 1910 Miss Muffet at the Village Fete dress, and I wore a brand-new just-finished dress from an original 1919 pattern, and my tricorne revival hat. I actually made the dress as a wearable toile, because I wasn’t sure about the pattern. And… We love it all. Out of 760 photos, at least 500 of them are good enough that I’d be proud to show you! (which is actually a problem, because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see 500 photos!) So here is a quick look at …

1760s Frou Frou Francaise

The Frou Frou Francaise – almost there

After many, many bouts of unpicking and re-sewing the 1760s Frou Frou Francaise is almost there. Maybe. I’ve unpicked nearly every seam in the dress and re-sewn it at least three times, and I still can’t get it to a place where I’m really happy about it.  So I don’t know when I can stop and call it done, because the more work I invest in it, the more I feel I need to get it right, and right now…it isn’t quite there. The last time you saw it it was worn by a model at Ramsay to Renoir in Nelson.  I also blogged about making the sleeves, and how their fit wasn’t quite right. When I looked at the photos from Ramsay to Renoir the Francaise was pretty, but something about it wasn’t quite right to me. I looked at it, and looked at it, and couldn’t figure it out.  Then I posted this francaise for Rate the Dress, and my mind went ‘ah hah!’ What my Francaise was missing was the floating pleats.  It …