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Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Tutorial: How to make a skirt slip from the Scroop Wonder Unders Dress Slip (the super-easy way)

The Scroop Wonder Unders Knickers, Singlet Camisole & Slip pattern doesn’t come with a skirt slip piece, but it’s super easy to make a skirt slip from the pattern. Here’s the quick under-1-hour way to make a skirt slip from the pattern.  Next week I’ll show you the fancy 2-hour lace edged, side slit version. Fabric & Pattern Size You’ll want to use the same type of fabric you use for the Scroop Singlet Camisole or Dress Slip.  If you want to wear your skirt slip as an under-layer, you’ll need to pick a slippery, non-static stretch fabric, such as a lingerie tricot knit, or a stretch satin. Start with the Scroop Wonder Unders Singlet Camisole & Dress Slip pattern pieces: If you’re using a fabric with the same stretch as called for in the rest of the Scroop Wonder Unders pattern (30%-50% stretch in one directions (two-way stretch), or 25%-45% stretch in both directions (four-way stretch)) you can use the pattern in exactly the same size as you’d use it for the dress slip. If …

At last, a first layer to my medieval ensemble (HSM 2017 Challenge #1)

I’ve been terribly backwards with my medieval sewing, making the gown, veil, belt and circlet, but not a proper shift (the nettle shift doesn’t really count). It was so easy to skip the shift when I could get away with using one of my 18th c shifts, but the problem with using 18th c shifts is that they have 3/4 length sleeves, which get caught beneath the long medieval sleeves, and make a horribly bulky line on your arm. So a medieval shift was a must, and I’ve actually been working on one for over a year, doing bits of hand-sewing whenever I had a plane ride or a lecture to attend.  This shift didn’t make either long trip to the US, as it had too little left to do to, and would have ended up done, and useless weight in my luggage, far too soon. But it did get finished over New Years, though when I tried it on in preparation for the Levin Medieval Market, the neckline was a bit high, so I had …

Felicity the sewing cat

The Sewing Cat helps out

I’m helping Madame O make her own 14th century gown, using the research and drafting I did for my own 1369 dress. Madame O is quite a different shape to me, but she isn’t that different in size, so I made some minor adaptions to the pattern based on knowing the difference in our shape, and she’s made a toile to check the fit.  We’ll cut the proper garment from that. Felicity, as a good sewing cat, is also helping out. So far she’s been lending a paw as a pattern weight:   Felicity adores Madame O, so she’s very glad to be of assistance!