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Things I sew – historical and modern

A dress made from a 1919 pattern

The 1918-19 ‘Not Another Blue Dress’ details

I wore the 1918-19 ‘Not Another Blue Dress’ at Costume College, and loved it just as much as the first time I wore it. I made a few improvements to it, and got some help from friend for a few more, and paired it with my Costumers for Climate Action sash. For improvements, I loved the detailed yoke I’d made, but felt the sleeves were a bit plain in comparison. I had just a few scraps of the yoke fabric left, and by careful placement (and one small mend, which you can just see in the photo below if you look closely) I managed to cut a set of cuffs. I’d paired the cuffs with fancy cut-glass buttons that imitate jet, and added matching buttons on the shoulder, where the yoke opens. For more texture and visual interest, and a little bit of colour, Hvitr the tassel queen made me a set of tassels: And Madame O the embroideress extraordinaire embroidered little motifs taken from a 1910s embroidery manual on the sash ends – no …

Lounging pyjamas inspired by a pair by Callot Soeurs at LACMA

The 1913 Lounging Pyjamas finally get a red carpet

Or, Leimomi find out why bifurcation never really took off in the 1910s… My Costume College Gala outfit didn’t get a lot of wear at Costume College because I was ill, so I really wanted another excuse to wear it. The Downton Abbey movie seemed like the perfect excuse – I certainly got enough Lady Sybil comments at CoCo! And it was a good excuse for the other Wellington historical sewists and I to go out dressed up. Our most extroverted member says that we need to stop hiding in the bushes and start wearing our dresses in public! We did a little searching, and found out that one of the Wellington theatres had not one, but two Downton themed events: an afternoon tea and an evening red carpet event. Unfortunately tickets for the one we really wanted: the afternoon tea, sold out before we found out about it. So we had to do the evening event. At least it would mean my outfit finally got a red carpet! But first…my outfit needed a little …

A Regency Captain Janeway cosplay,

The Star Trek Shawl

I’ve done a fair amount of reasonably geeky things in my life, but I reached peak geek this June. I was having a lovely research and crafting day when I suddenly realised I’d spent four hours going through museum collections and making tables of the average sizes of Kashmiri shawls from between 1800 and 1810. Not for work, or for a research project, but so I could make a Star Trek themed Regency shawl for our Regency Voyager cosplays… It’s not overkill unless it’s actually fossilised! My Star Trekashmiri Shawl happened because I realised that 1. I was going to a ball in the middle of winter as Regency Captain Janeway in a light cotton frock and; 2. I’m always cold and; 3. I had a length of slightly moth-eaten wool crepe in a lovely cranberry red that would make an excellent shawl, and; 4. I wanted my Captain Janeway cosplay to be a little more obviously Star-Trek-Voyager-y. (I didn’t quite succeed with that last bit, but I’ll get to that). So I got all …