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Felicity the sewing cat

The Sewing Cat helps out

I’m helping Madame O make her own 14th century gown, using the research and drafting I did for my own 1369 dress. Madame O is quite a different shape to me, but she isn’t that different in size, so I made some minor adaptions to the pattern based on knowing the difference in our shape, and she’s made a toile to check the fit.  We’ll cut the proper garment from that. Felicity, as a good sewing cat, is also helping out. So far she’s been lending a paw as a pattern weight:   Felicity adores Madame O, so she’s very glad to be of assistance!

The Can of Worms skirt

The Can of Worms skirt

Sometimes sewing projects go to plan. And sometimes sewing projects seem like they are really simple, and then get more, and more, and more complicated… I’m sure you can guess which one this is from the title! The Can of Worms skirt didn’t even start out as a skirt.   It started out as a dress that looked like this: I bought the dress while op-shopping with Lauren of Wearing History after Costume College last August.  It wasn’t quite right: the zipper was a terrible mess, and it needed a sway back adjustment (SBA). But the fabric was amazing: hand worked embroidery, indigo dyeing and reverse appliqué.  I suspect it’s Hmong in origin. So I bought it, figuring I’d put in a zip, do a quick SBA, and everything would be fabulous. Haha.  Famous last words. I bought it in early August, but didn’t get around to altering it until mid November, by which time I’d entirely forgotten about the SBA. So I unpicked the terrible zip, realised that the stitching holding the skirt to the waistband was ridiculously …

Scroop Miramar Prep thedreamstress.com5

A preppy Scroop Miramar

It’s summer here in NZ, and that means breaking out the knits and lightweight cottons and rayons, and making a bunch of Miramars & Henrietta Marias. I’ve always wanted a sky blue Miramar, but couldn’t find the right fabric last year.  At the end of spring I finally found some fabulous pique knit in the perfect sky blue, and whipped up a Miramar that very night. I love the pique knit: it’s polo shirt fabric, so, combined with the colour, the Miramar feels very preppy.  I feel like I ought to be wearing it with a grosgrain belt and driving mocs (sans socks, natch). Since I don’t have either of those (I guess I have lots of grosgrain, and belt findings, so could have made one!) I paired it with my clamdigging shorts (suitably preppy name, and eminently practical for the occasion), my favourite sunnies, and bare feet. I did actually wear shoes for most of the outfit’s outing.   I was wearing this for a walk through the Karori Cemetary with the Wellington Sewing bloggers, visiting …