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A Feminist Thanksgiving

Kate Sheppard’s Pie & Salad de Beauvoir: a Feminist Thanksgiving

I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving every year I’ve lived in New Zealand. It started as a tradition that my in-laws did with me, as a way to make me feel more at home (I have truly wonderful in-laws), and, when they moved down to the South Island, and we bought a house, we began alternating between hosting it in Wellington, and flying down to Nelson to celebrate with them. The first year we had it in Wellington a friend sent me a link to this article, with feminist themed Thanksgiving recipes.  I was delighted.  What a marvellous idea!  Elizabeth Candied Stanton Sweet Potatoes have since become a firm favourite at Thanksgiving (Rutabaga Ginsberg is also very nice). Thinking on the theme of feminist food, Kate Sheppard’s Pie is an obvious as a choice.  However, it’s food-overkill at Thanksgiving. So, the solution: hold a Kiwi Feminist Thanksgiving, held on the Sunday after White Camellia Day (and the day after our election).  A group of friends came round to celebrate all of the awesome women who have made the world …

Spring Flowers 2017

Spring flowers 2017

I absolute love spring flowers.  Tulips and freesias and bluebells and irises almost make going through winter worth it.  Every year I plant dozens of bulbs, so I will have something to watch over and look forward to all winter long. I get very excited about the first blossoms, and enjoy making colour-themed arrangements around the house when the full flush arrives, with purple and yellow sprays in my sewing room, russet tones in the entry, vivid reds and oranges in the lounge, and pinks and darkest burgundies in the bathroom. My mother also loves spring bulbs, but she hasn’t gotten to enjoy them in years, as they won’t grow in Hawaii.  I was talking to her last week, and saying how much I wished I could send her some of my flowers, and she was saying how much she wished she could send me some fruit from the farm in Hawaii (mangoes and rambutans, delicious!).  She suggested that at least we could send each other flowers: it’s not quite the same thing, but both fruit …

@thedreamstress on Instagram

I’m on Instagram!

So, this is quite a belated announcement, because it’s been a month and a half, but I’m on Instagram! Yes, I finally joined the 21st century and got a smartphone and joined all the popular kids on Instagram (and, doing what I do, by popular kids I mean the popular nerds!). Follow @thedreamstress for historical costuming and other history stuff Follow @scrooppatterns for pattern news, pretties, and sewing tips and tricks. Both accounts feature a little bit of Felicity the Sewing Cat, because I’m not yet indulgent enough to give her her own dedicated account 😉 See you on Instagram!