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Rate the Dress: Embroidered tulle tiers and lacing

Oooh la la!  Last week I posted an unusual interpretation of lace – oriental inspired silver metal lace from the 1920s, more sexy than the usual sweet lace image and you liked it.  You really, really liked it!  There were some tiny reservations about the table-cloth-y ness of the whole look, and the extremely low neckline, but they were teeny-tiny reservations, and the frock still managed a 9.6 out of 10 – that’s pretty much as close to a perfect score as it’s possible to get! (personally, you can have that dress.  I thought it was fussy and over-done, and that neckline was scary!) I was rather stuck with this week’s Rate the Dress, and spent hours searching for a garment that inspired me.  I finally settled on something, and hope the garment I have picked inspires an opinion in you, whether good or bad! This late 1850s evening gown, with its tiers of embroidered tulle, polychrome fringed sleeves and and fichu-robings, and laced front, is certainly striking – definitely more blooming rose than shrinking …

Rate the dress: Tiers of rectangles in 1855

I’m always reluctant to post ‘Rate the Dress’ images which feature very well known people as I’m afraid that our pre-concieved attitudes towards historical notables sometimes colour our assessment of their clothes.  I’m not sure how much of that played into the rating of Marie Antoinette in hunting attire last week, because the most overwhelming response was the one I didn’t expect: total and utter boredom.  Sure, it rated a 7.3 out of 10, but most of you couldn’t even be bothered to rate the dress.  I do think I should start subtracting a point from any Rate the Dress that collects less than 25 votes, because 6.3 is probably a better reflection of total indifference! Anyway, onwards, and upwards, hopefully to much more interesting frocks! This dress has fascinated me ever since I first came across it, and I thought that the Historical Sew Fortnightly ‘Squares, Rectangles, & Triangles‘ challenge was the perfect opportunity to rate it.  For all its elaborateness, the tiers of ruffles in the skirt are just rectangles, and the stripes …

Rate the dress: 1850s rainbow striped fringe

Last week I showed you Liotard’s mid-18th century ‘up-market shop girl’ as Lynne aptly identified her.  La Belle Chocolatière’s rust and grey-blue outfit was deemed equally beautiful – of only she hadn’t tried to pair it with a pink hat.  This dropped the rating from a perfect 10 down to a round 9 – still exceptional. I feel that I’ve shown too many muted, colourless dresses lately.  To remedy that, rather than showing you something black and white and stripey for the HSF Stripes challenge, here is something colourful and rainbow-stripey, with horizontal stripes and vertical striped fringing. What do you think?  Too much?  Does it look a little too much like a cupcake, or is it a fun twist on the usual floral, lacey 1850s evening gown? Rate the Dress on a Scale of 1 to 10