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Dress Paul Poiret (French, Paris 1879–1944 Paris) Date- 1925, wool, silk, Metropolitan Museum of Art, C.I.50.117

Rate the Dress: Poiret pretends to use buttons

Last week: a brown & blue bustle-era dress So last week’s dress got a bit of attention and comments for something I hadn’t noticed or anticipated.  I think I’ve looked at so many 1880s dresses with centre front gathers, swags, and ruching that I hadn’t realised that at times, as with the blue & brown dress, it could be a bit…anatomical… But not everyone saw that unfortunate potential: lots of you actually saw a crisply tailored dress in a playful take on two elegantly subdued colours. And then some of you thought it was just boring The Total: 7.8 out of 10 Not bad, not great. This week: This week’s pick is a 1920s frock by Poiret, which balances the new move towards streamlined and simple with his trademark eye for details and sense of humour and whimsy. The silhouette is a simple mid-1920s sheath, but it is enlivened with elaborately scalloped hems and upper sleeves: The heavier black of the dress is lightened with frothy lower sleeves and a matching faux chemise neckline: A perky …

Woman's Dress and Coat Ensemble, silk with metal embroidery, ca. 1920s, Glenbow Collection, C-16492 A; C-16492 B

Rate the Dress – Artistic eu de nil

This week’s Rate the Dress is brought to you by great gibbering gibbons beneath the gibbous green moon. Say that three times fast! Last week: A House of Worth Reception gown of ca. 1890 1/2 of you Raters loved last weeks dress (maybe with a few tiny niggles).  1/4 of you thought it had a lot of good elements – but also some that just weren’t working.  And the last 1/4 of you thought it had so many terrible elements that it was a totally washout – just like the colours. The Total: 8 out of 10 Still eminently respectable.  (personally, I loved the idea of it, and I hated almost everything about the execution except the purple and the bustling – which is so good I can almost forgive everything else when I’m looking at the bustle.  I keep trying to ‘fix’ all the rest in my mind, and can’t, and that’s driving me crazy). This week: A 1920s artistic ensemble I’ve had a rather full week. When I went to choose a Rate the …

Afternoon dress, Jean Patou, silk, wool, beading, 1919-22, sold by Augusta Auctions October 25 2017

Rate the Dress: 20s paisley by Patou

This week’s Rate the Dress pick, a beaded paisley 1920s number by Patou, continues on the 1900-1924 Edwardian & the Great War #greatwarmarch theme, carried over from Instagram. If you’re on IG you can join us by sharing anything relevant to the daily theme from between 1900-1924 and tagging @wearinghistory and I (@thedreamstress) Last week: a late Edwardian dress in pink velvet and lace Reactions to last week’s Rate the Dress were quite simple.  They came in two varieties: #1 “I love it!” (average rating: 10) and #2 “I’m not sure about all those materials and elements together” (average rating 7). The Total: 9.2 out of 10 Clearly the loves outweighted the unsures! This week: While I picked this dress because I was looking for something ’20s that was a nice contrast to last week’s pink & lace number, this dress is also a fascinating counterpoint to the the 1810s beaded dress from two weeks ago: Both dresses feature a simple cut enlivened by vivid embroidery: the 1810s on Empire white, this on ’20s black. Both dresses …