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Day dress, 1920-1929, silk, Gift of Karen Olson, Goldstein Museum of Design 2004.003.001

Rate the Dress: tennis in the twenties

This post is late because I booked my schedule to the limit without giving myself any space for emergencies and things going wrong — which meant of course there were, and they did!  It’s also late because my browser freezes every time I visit the Centraal Museum’s website, which is rather annoying when you’re trying to Rate a Dress from that site. Last Week:  a mid 1890s dress in red silk faille and silk velvet Last Rate the Dress was quite theatrical…or costumey.  Perfect for a Victorian Disney villain, or a gothic horror movie, but perhaps less effective in real life.  Some of you loved the drama of it, but not everyone. The Total: 7.5 out of 10 Even worse than the week before! This week: a sporty 1920s day dress in spring shades After something so heavy and plush and upholstered, I thought something light and sleek would be a nice contrast: This 1920s ensemble is a dress in two parts, consisting of a pleated skirt with attached slip, and a long tunic-blouse with …