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The White Zombie dress is motion

At the end of the first day of filming the White Zombie inspired PorcelainToy music video I asked Elizabeth if she would do a quick photoshoot with me against the greenscreen.  These are the result.  As a result, I am madly in love with the dress, and madly envious of how gorgeous Elizabeth is.      

White Zombie: on set

Being on set for White Zombie was fascinating.  I have tons of theatre experience: I’ve costume and dressing for ballets and operas and plays and other live performances, but this was the first film I’ve worked on. It was pretty much what I expected in most cases, but fabulous. I expected that there would be moments of rushed panic (“can you just take in the lapels 3/4″ before the next shot?”) and lots of time sitting around waiting to be needed. I gathered that unlike a stage play, there wouldn’t be an absolute schedule – the order in which scenes were shot got rearranged a little to suit makeup and hair, and if we ran ahead or behind schedule we just did the next thing, or tried to prep for the next.  With a play you have to start at a certain time! What I didn’t really realise was how much time lighting would take.  That was really the most time consuming thing of the whole day – more time was spent on it than …

Rate the dress: from zombies to jesters in 1932

Last week you found the yellow and pink 1780s ensemble just a bit…uninteresting.  It rated a lackluster 6.6 out of 10.  This week is my 100th Rate the Dress, and I definitely want to give you something that isn’t boring and uninteresting. Because I’ve been working on the PorcelainToy White Zombie 1932 inspired frock and music video I thought it would be nice to do a 1932 rate the dress.  And then I went looking for 1932 dresses to show you, and you know what?  Most of them are pretty, but really boring.  But I finally found one that I think is really interesting.  I hope you will think so too! Is this harlequin inspired frock from the Met interesting?  What about pretty?  Does it rock your world as as example of art deco fashion design, or leave you unamused? Rate the Dress on a Scale of 1 to 10