The White Zombie dress is motion

At the end of the first day of filming the White Zombie inspired PorcelainToy music video I asked Elizabeth if she would do a quick photoshoot with me against the greenscreen.  These are the result.  As a result, I am madly in love with the dress, and madly envious of how gorgeous Elizabeth is.





  1. Stella says

    It’s definitely designed to look good in motion. You must be very proud.

  2. Absolutely ravishing – and great photography by you, along with the fantastic dress, of course!

  3. Fabuloso. Are you going to tell us how you made it? The florettes are fascinating! 🙂

  4. […] found Porcelain Toy's "Monsters" today while reading a New Zealand seamstress's blog. She did the reproduction costumes for Emile and Elizabeth. Monsters I think the song as well as […]

  5. Wow, what a delightful blog to stumble onto while looking into 1920s fashion! This is a gorgeous dress and a fun project to read about. Thanks for sharing your astonishing talent!

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