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Hey Honolulu I’m going home to happy Hawai’i!

I’m off to Hawaii for the next two weeks to be with my parents at the family farm.  I won’t have the best internet connection while I’m there, but don’t worry, I’ve pre-scheduled lots (well some) fun blog posts.  There will be a Rate the Dress every week – though I might not be able to tot up the final ratings until I’m back. If internet is better than expected, you might even get some bonus posts!  I seem to write particularly good posts when I’m in Hawaii. Sadly, there will be no duckling post as they all hatched earlier in the year.  Nor will there be a Honolulu Museum of Art or ‘Iolani Palace post, as I’m spending the whole two weeks on Moloka’i Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of Slugfest 2016. (slug photo redacted by popular demand) Even more hopefully there won’t be a Hawaii Hurricane Watch 2018 2.0 while I’m there!  (or at all.  Frankly the world has had quite enough weather excitement for the whole year already). I’m just looking forward to …

33 Things I Did in Hawaii

For the next two weeks (and then some) you can expect this blog to be all 1916, all the time.  For a little pre-respite from that, here is the rundown of what I did in Hawaii: #1 Ate lots, and lots, and lots of poke (raw fish salad): Partly because poke is awesome, and partly because it is one of the few prepared foods available in Kaunakakai (the main town) that I was willing to eat. #2 Ate lots, and lots, and lots of poi (mashed, fermented taro root).  Just because poi is awesome. #3 Watched ducklings hatch!  (see that egg with the dark hole?) #4 Spent lots of time at the beach #5 And in the stream that runs through my parent’s farm: #6 Got made fun of (in a gentle, loving way) for saying little like a Kiwi (lit-tle) rather than like a Hawaiian-American (liddle) #7 Pushed the number of ohia ‘ai (mountain apples – light and sweet and refreshing, as soft as a peach but crisper) one can eat in a day without …

Mama Muscovy protects her babies

The next batch of ducklings have hatched on the farm, and they are adorable.* Mama Muscovy is doing a great job of protecting her little ones and keeping them nice and warm.  She’s a bit huffy with us, but knows we’re not really a threat, so she did raise up enough to allow us to peek in under her and watch a couple of the eggs hatch. However, once the ducklings started venturing out a bit, she wasn’t quite so pleased when I tried to film them.  In fact, she attacked my camera! No publicity for these little ones yet says Mama! OK, maybe just a few photos: * OK, when are ducklings ever not adorable?