Hey Honolulu I’m going home to happy Hawai’i!

I’m off to Hawaii for the next two weeks to be with my parents at the family farm.  I won’t have the best internet connection while I’m there, but don’t worry, I’ve pre-scheduled lots (well some) fun blog posts.  There will be a Rate the Dress every week – though I might not be able to tot up the final ratings until I’m back.

If internet is better than expected, you might even get some bonus posts!  I seem to write particularly good posts when I’m in Hawaii.

Sadly, there will be no duckling post  as they all hatched earlier in the year.  

Ducklings, Molokai, Hawaii

Nor will there be a Honolulu Museum of Art or ‘Iolani Palace post, as I’m spending the whole two weeks on Moloka’i

The portrait gallery at the Honolulu Museum of Art

The grand koa staircase in the Great Hall of 'Iolani Palace

Hopefully  there won’t be a repeat of Slugfest 2016.

(slug photo redacted by popular demand)

Even more hopefully there won’t be a Hawaii Hurricane Watch 2018 2.0 while I’m there!  (or at all.  Frankly the world has had quite enough weather excitement for the whole year already).

I’m just looking forward to spending time with my family, enjoying the farm, enjoying the warmth, enjoying all the farm produce, and catching up on local culture.

Growing lettuce, Molokai, Hawaii,

Josie helps with the lettuce planting



  1. Liana Winsauer says

    I guess I’m a little off, I had to go (re-) read the slugfest post!

  2. Have a fantastic (and warm) time away! And thanks for the link back to your old slug-post – it was just the laugh I needed this morning!

  3. Deanna says

    Have a wonderful visit home! Enjoy your family, your home soil, and defrosting! (Visits home were how I got through the rest of my year when I lived in a cold place 🙂 )

  4. Of course, have fun. But…I want to know how that lettuce row is made. It looks absolutely perfectly shaped. Can you share? Thanks.

    • Thank you! Do you mean the small lettuce plants, or the seeds I’m planting (which are actually radish, so that’s a totally misleading caption on my part)?

      • LJ Meyers says

        Well, I guess it’s the radish row. Usually I just use a hoe to make my rows but the one you are using looks like it’s been engineered!! What’s the secret?

        • Ah, that’s a clever trick of my parents! You need very healthy rich, loose soil to make it work. They have a long, narrow, V shaped board – about 1″ wide on each long side, and 1/2″ wide across the short top of the V. They push the board down into the earth on the line they want to plant, and wiggle it back and forth to make that crisp V shape. If they do it while I’m here I’ll take pictures for you.

          • LJ Meyers says

            Thank you for the description. My soil is really good (composting for over 40 years!). I need to turn these dimensions over to my most capable hubby and see if he can duplicate the board. Since the growing season is almost over now, hopefully, he can make me one before next spring. Thanks – again.

  5. Gillian Stapleton says

    Have a lovely relaxing time. And there is no finer gardening companion than a patient cat. x

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