Rate the dress

Rate the dress: Princess Alice of Battenberg, Princess Andrew of Greece

Reaction on last week’s 1782 fashion plate was decidedly mixed, and it just scraped in a pass with a final score of 6 out of 10.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little surprised. I thought it would get thoroughly flamed.

It looked to me like the artist decided to combine every single popular trend into one dress. “It will have ruffles, and puffs, and a zone front, and lacing, and a caught up underskirt, and sabot sleeves, and some lace, and feathers, and bows, and a fichu, and elaborate trim, and…..!!!”

This week, in honour of my fixation on Greek Key designs, let’s rate the dress of a Greek Princess.

Specifically, how do you feel about Princess Alice of Battenberg, later Princess Andrew of Greek and Denmark, as painted by Philip de Lazlo in 1907?

H.R.H. Princess Andrew of Greece, nee Princess Alice of Battenberg Philip Alexius de László, 1907, private collection of Prince Phillip

 Lazlo’s painting, now in the private collection of Prince Phillip (that guy who is married to Queen Elizabeth, who also happens to be Princess Alice’s son), depicts Alice in an evening gown that combines heavy ivory duchess satin and frothy ivory silk chiffon. A butter yellow satin stole provides contrast to the ivory dress.

Another photo of the painting can be seen here.

Watch out for a post later this week with more information on Princess Alice and what an awesome person she was.

For now, rate the dress on a scale of 1 to 10.