Felicity is adorable

But she is also a thief.

Look at these pictures.

Felicity is lying on Mr Dreamy, looking adorable.  So I get off the couch to take a picture.

Awww...so adorable!

Felicity wakes up, notices that I’m out of my seat, and immediately steals it.

Awww...what a brat!

She gave me an evil look and tried to bite me when I tried to move her to reclaim my place.


  1. S. Stitchery says

    What a little wretch kitty!! Mr dreamy doesn’t look terrible annoyed bahaha.

  2. Ah, cats. They know how to work the world to their advantage. FIRST they look adorable to make you get the camera, and therefore leave your place, and THEN they take over your place. There is a design in it, isn’t there?

  3. jackiead says

    Felicity knows how to take care of herself, while looking adorable at the same time. Love the Felicity stories!

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