19th Century

Juno: a goddess in the garden

This is the individual photoshoot I did of Vanessa looking simply stunning in the Juno dress after last Saturday’s talk.

She looked fabulous, it was so fun to have the time to hang out with her, and, for just that final bit of awesomeness, she brought along the amazing Shona of In the Heyday, giving me the opportunity to get to know one of my vintage idols.  So exciting!

That train!  And I love that a few leaves ended up on it!

What a fabulous profile

I actually love the contrast of the gloves, and wonder if the garland would look good with white roses, instead of blue, for another pop of colour.

One of the ‘tweaks’ I want to do is adding the bertha that is on the inspiration dress.

I think it will add just the right bit of interest to the upper bodice back.

For now, a corsage helps.

Possibly my favourite image from the session

She looks so cool and composed, despite the heat in the greenhouse

Beauty and the (absolutely adorable) beast.


  1. I love a good historic ensemble like this: everything matches, beautiful dress, great accessories.
    Like something out of a movie.
    You must have had all this planned out for a while.

  2. It’s fabulous – great job! I love the new train and the garland.
    And – I can’t see it very well in the photos, but it seems to me Vanessa’s got the perfect eyes for this dress.

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