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Madame Ornata’s sapphire blue dress: a photoshoot

Along with me in the Laurel dress, we got photos of Madame Ornata in her sapphire blue dress at last weekend’s photoshoot.

Madame Ornata looked amazing, and was so fun to photograph: slinking along in her dress and doing something adorable every two shots (the ‘outtakes’ for our photoshoot are hilarious!).

I’ve culled and culled and culled, and used supreme willpower and gotten the hundred fabulous photos down to under twenty of my absolute favourites.  Enjoy!

Photography by me and Sarah

Based on these photoshoots, I’ve decided that every woman should have at least two photoshoots of herself in a glamorous dress a year.  With everyone owning a digital camera, it’s super easy, and it’s great fun, and great for your self esteem.

So go out, oh readers of the world, and instead of scheduling a girls night out, schedule a pretty picture taking session for yourself!


  1. Joie de Vivre says

    Oh they are lovely! Madame O, I am especially thrilled with the one of you lying in the window box with your dress pouring off the side like liquid, you look so beautiful, luxurious, and perfect. I’m looking forward to the next shoot, would love to play along next time!

    • Madame Ornata says

      Oh thank you for the kind words my fabulous friend. I felt like a goddess, and how often does that get to happen? Oh yes I particularly like that photo too.
      We simply must all do it again. We’ve already got some good ideas for locations……

  2. Wonderful 🙂 Stunning, other adjectives of superlative class! I think the idea of a photo shoot in instead of a night out is brilliant!

    • Madame Ornata says

      Thanks you too. And sometime soon MrsC I hope, especially with the warmer nights we are finally getting….I will bring along lots of things for folk to wear.

  3. Fantastic! Yes, I’ve been thinking about that, too – photoshoots could be the best girls’ day out. Now, if only we had something truly worthy of photoshooting… 😀

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