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The Museo de la Moda Costume Book

I am so, so excited about what I get to show you this week.  It’s something I have coveted for a long, long time, and didn’t think I would ever be able to get.

It is the catalogue from the Museo de la Moda‘s first exhibition:

My precious…

You might not have heard of the Museo de la Moda, or the catalogue.  And that wouldn’t be surprising, because it is a new museum, with very little web presence, located in Santiago, Chile – not usually the centre of costume fabulosity.

But it has a fabulous collection, and a fabulous catalogue.  Neither of which is available in any form except for in Santiago.  Gah!

I’ve been so obsessed with the catalogue that the minute the fabulous Claire of Well, I used to be a Lady mentioned that she was going to South America, I asked if she was going to Santiago.

And she replied that she had a stopover of a few hours.

And I very cheekily asked if she would take a taxi out to the Museo during her stopover and pick up a catalogue for me, and she said she would.

I have the BEST friends ever.

She even sent me a text from Santiago to tell me that she was at the Museo, it was fantastic, and she had my catalogue.

Like I said, I have the BEST friends ever.

The catalogue is so worth every penny of the ridiculous amount of money I spent on it.  It’s beautifully photographed, and full of exquisite gowns: each a unique and beautiful example of its type.  I’m so in love with the book (and with Claire!)

This is just a hint of the wonders in the book (for its size, it’s every bit as good as the KCI book)

Dress Coat, 1790-1793, France

Love the stripes.  Love the buttons.  Nothing not to love in fact!

Dress, 1845-1848, France

The simplicity of this dress is really charming.

Wedding dress, 1868-1870, France

I’m a sucker for a white dress, so this was always going to be a hit with me.

Back view of wedding dress, 1868-1870, France

Those back ruffles!  Swoon!

Misses dress, circa 1887, France or England

This looks a little Aesthetic inspired.  I love the bold colour and simple print.

Fan , 1885-1890, France

Those are monkeys.  Wearing lorgnettes.  And wing collars.  On a fan!

Paquin, 1918-1919, France

I love the colours and the Grecian influence of this frock.  It’s definitely going on my ‘must make’ list if I ever find a suitable fabric!

Marcel Rochas, 1951, France (belonged to Eva Peron)

Despite whatever else I feel about Evita, but I have to admit she had GREAT taste in clothing.

You’ll see more images from the book as I use them for inspiration and research.  And maybe, if we are all really lucky, the Museo will put their collections online.

For now, I’m just going to have another cup of tea and a drool over my precious.


  1. Ooo that book looks amazing. Maybe it’s lucky I don’t have a copy cos it’d probably be covered in drool

  2. Well i love you dear Dreamstress for allowing me the opportunity to go check out this WONDERFUL museum!
    And buy a precious of my own!
    The bestest coffee table book ever!

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