And the winner is…


Picked by BOTH Random.org and Mr D.  First I asked Random based on the 28 comments, and it came up with #12.  Then I realised that lots of the comments weren’t entries, so I culled all of those out, and asked Mr D to pick a number between 1-15, and he gave me #3, which is Heidi without the extraneous comments.  Clearly, she is meant to have these ornaments!

I hope everyone who enters and reads has a fantastic holiday season, whatever holiday it is you are celebrating!

I’ll be doing another (much bigger and better, or at least more costume-y and historical) giveaway in the new year.


  1. Joie de Vivre says

    And it was possibly the best story too – I’ll never look at a nativity without thinking of My Little Ponies and trolls ever again, for which I am thrilled!

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