Carolyn’s dress: design dilemmas

Carolyn’s dress is very, very close to done, and over the last week I’ve been working through the last of the design issues.

First, what to do with the detailing above the bust?

The bodice design

I had the ‘brilliant’  (well, it could have been brilliant, you never know until you try with this stuff!) idea to layer different silver fabrics and then add a bit of beads and sparkle on top of it.

I looked through my stash of translucent silver fabrics (and yes, it is a bit scary that I have a whole stash of translucent silver fabrics) and found these:

Silk organza with silver threads run through it, and foiled silk-cotton voile

I liked the way the two fabrics layered over each other, the foiling just showing through the organza:

The two fabrics layer next to the dress fabric

So I patterned up the bodice detailing, cut it out, sewed it together, and carefully pressed it.

The sewn, shaped and pressed piece. It looks a bit like a bat wing

Then I pinned it to the dress and had a look at it.

The bodice detail pinned on


I bet that Snow White’s evil stepmother had bodice detailing just like that on her wedding dress!  It definitely has an evil-queen batwing aesthetic about it.

So, back to the bodice drawing board (though I have since figured out something that looks amazing, and finished it, but you’ll have to wait to see that)