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The Dreamstress goes camping

As of yesterday, I’m out of town for a few days, braving the wilds of New Zealand with the Naiad, Shell, a guy, and a pack on my back.

Fear not though.  While I am struggling uphill, and struggling over a fire and bandaging blisters, the blog will be on autopilot.  So you still get to enjoy pretty historical goodness.

Camping would be so much more interesting in clothes like this!

Campfire cooking, however, is pretty much the same!

And when I come back, you can enjoy pretty natural photography goodness!



  1. “Interesting” is a good word for it! I once wanted to take a transcontinental train trip in nothing but Victorian clothing. It never did happen, but I wonder if I would have been able to wear proper clothes every day or if I’d break down and go for the jeans and t-shirt halfway through., lol.

    Have fun! And hurray for time-delayed posts, you clever girl 🙂

    • I have a similar idea of doing the trans-siberian only wearing my 30’s-40’s clothes. I think if that’s all I packed and what I was used to wearing, I wouldn’t break down. What kept you from trying it?

      Have fun, L!

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