Carolyn’s dress: finished pictures!

But only the ones I took before it got sent off to her.

I know, I know, you really want to see pictures of her in it!

And you can, if you follow me on facebook.  Because I posted the first informal pics of her in it there, and she looks amazing.

Actually, you don’t even have to belong to facebook to see them, you can just go to and look up ‘The Dreamstress’.

Or you can keep waiting, and once the professional photos come out, I’ll post them.

For now, here is a gallery of my photos of the finished dress.



  1. This gown is a real work of Art. Exquisite in every way possible with sophistacation , elegance, and just a touch of sexy.


    • Elise says

      Whoa! Who is this Elise? (There are so few of us–nice to meet you!)

      I fully agree with Elise! What a wonderful confection and collaboration. Three cheers to the bride (and her seamstress)!

  2. Oh! so pretty. You did an amazing job and she is going to look just fantastic in it. I just love the back. And the bottom.

  3. Poppy says

    My goodness thats gorgeous. The back is beautiful ^^

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