1. Laurel Parker says

    Leimomi, are these hand tatted? Tatting is so underrated. It is a difficult skill to learn – much harder than crocheting, though it’s done with crochet hook.

    My husband’s family (for at least three generations) fussed with their cuticles. His grandmother’s father wanted to break her of the habit, so he sent her up the street to learn to tat to keep her hands occupied. She tatted every single day for 89 years (in between plowing herWest Texas farm). She did the finest tatting I’ve ever seen, some of it as gifts for me ( a collar and cuffs and a dresser scarf). We inherited the pieces she held onto ( that she won awards for).

    • I don’t know if these pieces are hand tatted. I found them at an op shop, and can’t put my hands on them at the moment to check. How wonderful that you have your GIL’s tatting – it is a marvelous art!

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