Sucky suck

My computer keyboard is dying.  It won’t  type lowercase  t’s (only now, in the last 5 minutes, it has started tyin ‘qty’ whenever I hit the ‘t’ key), or any ps,  bs or gs.  And it thinks that the ‘-‘ key adjusts  the sound.

And  the inbuilt spellcheck won’t work , so I have  to cut and paste all the missing letters from other documents.

So, instead of  telling you all about my new project, the computer is going t0 the shop, and there will be no posts from me for a few days 🙁

BNZecause you really don’ wan o read a unch of osIOTUYs aou Emily’s eauiful ink dress, circa 1904, wih los of missin leers and srane hins when he comuer sars ryin ot uess wha I am sayin.  And I don’ wan o ry o wrie like ha eiher 🙁


  1. T’s and G’s are a bigger deal in English than we realise! 🙂 Poor You. Feel free to come over and use one of ours if you get withdrawal symptoms!

  2. That happened to me last year ot does suck indeed I ended up using sons desktop keyborad plugged into my laptop for a bit.Luckily my lappy still was under warrenty tho.
    Now I have a new lappy anyway.Hope yours is fixed soon.

  3. Oh, bugger, how annoying that must be! I hope it will get better soon, and that you will enjoy your time without computer and won’t miss out too much (the worst thing about this computerised era is that so many things come to you via computers, regardless of whether you want them to or not…)

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