Felicity, Miscellenia

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been super busy in preparation for yesterday’s talk on Baroque and Rococo music and fashion, and consequentially ran out of time to blog.

I always do that!

I must remember to have blog posts prepared in advance for the four days before and three days after any talk or event, because otherwise I just don’t have time to blog (ergh).

I’ve been doing lots of awesome stuff instead of blogging though: I made a 1770’s man’s ensemble (which I am super happy with), and a 1720’s Grand Habit (which I am not at all happy with, but oh well), and I started a 1690s mantua (which I am going to have to set aside while I finish all my other half-finished projects) and I helped Madame Ornata with her polonaise dress, and Ninon’s dress looks amazing.

So now I have lots and lots of stuff to blog about!

But first I have to run off up the country to give a talk to a quilting group.  More madness!

And now, for your entertainment and education Felicity will demonstrate the proper use of cable tie boning.

Sniff thoroughly to ensure the quality is consistent

Bend and rub to check proper flexibility and texture

Nibble delicately to sample taste

Nom the heck out of that sucker


  1. Zach says

    I can’t wait for pictures of the new things!

  2. I’m looking forward to all your new blogging material! And Felicity is adorable. I just observed my own kitten performing similar operations on my tape measure the other day 😀

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