19th Century, 20th Century


I’m supposed to be sewing like mad and marking student papers and exams.

But instead, I have a horrid cold.

I want to be here:

In the Hammock, ca 1900, Jan van Beers (Belgian artist, 1852-1927)

Maybe in a more comfortable dress though.  That one is gorgeous, but doesn’t look that fun for lounging in.

Anyway, instead of being brilliant and blogging and creating I am mainlining echinacea tea and trying to breathe.

I’ll see you on the other side.  Aaaaah-choo!



  1. Stella says

    Poor Dreamstress. If you haven’t already, get some Otrivin. That stuff’s amazing.

  2. Elise says

    Why can’t we do THIS dress for Rate the Dress. Seriously, I stopped full tilt to oggle. Wow.

    And more seriously, feel better. I hope that the tea helps!

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