18th Century, Felicity

Kitties make the evil all better

Felicity is helping me with the evil, awful ill-begotten silver stays.

Well, ‘helping’ is stretching it a bit.

She’s sitting on my lap, looking adorable and being cuddly and fluffy, while I try to sew seams over her without disturbing her.

Fluffy adorableness

Look how happy I am sewing with Felicity!

It is hard to sew with a big fluffy lapful of cat though

It is, however, easy to forget how evil your project is



  1. I am also working with a horrible, evil project (writing, not sewing), and my cat is also here looking adorable and fluffy, and she is helping me forget how evil my project is, too! Hear hear to kitties!

  2. jackiead says

    I agree cats are adorable and help reduce stress. And I agree Felicity is adorable and fluffy.

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