20th Century

I’m not sure what is going on in this picture

Is she trying to seduce the statue with her shawl?  Or does she disprove of the statue’s bare bust?  Or is she just confused by it?  And why are the arms lying on the floor!?!  So many questions…

Madge vs. Venus

I do, however like the way you can see how her stockings make dents in her legs above her knees.  It’s reassuring.


  1. Stella says

    Very reassuring. I thought it was just me…

    I’m a bit confused too. The shawl suggests seduction, but Madge’s face looks disapproving.

  2. fidelio says

    imdb.comIn all honesty, especially given the metal rod at the figure’s feet, it looks as if she’s trying to dress a store mannequin, and the surroundings do nothing to contradict this impression.

    Of course, that leaves me with “Why is she just wrapping a shawl around an unclothed mannequin?” unless what we are seeing as a shawl is a dress with fringe at the bottom. I believe there’s enough bulk there for that to be a silk crepe de chine garment, and you usually add the arms after you’ve dressed the mannequin, as it’s easier that way.

    Any idea what this is from? It looks like it could be a cheesecake-y still advertising a comedy. Ankles Preferred takes place in a dressmaking establishment…

  3. I think she is dressing the mannequin, its much easier to take the arms off first then attach them after. I think its suppose to be a stylized dressing advert to me it looks like she’s putting on a sleeveless dress almost like a flapper dress, with beading

    • How incredibly logical and probable.

      I rather like it as a social commentary… I can see myself as Madge, and Venus as the “Ideal.” Venus is taller than Madge, smoother than Madge, flatter chested than Madge (in a good way, it’s the 20’s), and in most respects “better” than Madge.

      Except… Madge is real.. She makes grotesque faces, her stockings dent her knees, and I bet her makeup smudges as much as mine does… I like it.

    • It does look like a flapper dress! If you zoom in on the image you can see what looks like a lining and sleeve holes. Maybe she’s just thinking, “My, this is an ugly mannequin!”

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